Publications/ Documents

Please check below for documents published under the following headings; Press Releases, Annual Reports, Programme of Work, Submissions, Designated County Manager Reports and recent Project Publications (please refer to Projects & Initiatives section for other project publications). Please contact us if you require further information or a document that's not listed here.

Annual Reports

(PDF Logo 1,138 kbs) Annual Report 2010 - English

(PDF Logo 1,712 kbs) Annual Report 2009 - Irish
(PDF Logo 1,056 kbs) Annual Report 2008 English
(PDF Logo 1,071 kbs) Annual Report 2008 Irish
(PDF Logo 6,927 kbs) Annual Report 2007
(PDF Logo 2,509 kbs) Annual Report 2006
(PDF Logo 3,902 kbs) Annual Report 2005
(PDF Logo 1,167 kbs) Annual Report 2004 English
(PDF Logo 1,083 kbs) Annual Report 2004 Irish

Programme of Work


(PDF Logo 47 kbs) Programme of Work 2011
(PDF Logo 47 kbs) Programme of Work 2010
(PDF Logo 59 kbs) Programme of Work 2009
(PDF Logo 58 kbs) Programme of Work 2008
(PDF Logo 186 kbs) Programme of Work 2007


(PDF Logo 40 kbs) Submission to EirGrid on the Draft Grid25 Implementation Programme

(PDF Logo 108 kbs) Next Generation Broadband Submission Aug 2009

(PDF Logo 127 kbs) McCarthy Report SERA Response Sept 2009
(PDF Logo 98 kbs) Common Agricultural Policy Post 2013 Submission Sept 09
(PDF Logo 69 kbs) EU Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion Submission Feb 2009
(PDF Logo 87 kbs) Response to Green Paper Submission July 2008
(PDF Logo 42 kbs) Next Generation Broadband Submission Sept 2008
(PDF Logo 113 kbs) Climate Change in Europe Submission Nov 2007
(PDF Logo 116 kbs) Energy Efficiency Action Plan Submission Nov 07
(PDF Logo 122 kbs) Energy Green Paper Submission Dec 06
(PDF Logo 85 kbs) Benchmarking Ireland's Broadband Performance Feb 2006

Designated County Manager Reports

(PDF Logo 102 kbs) Designated County Managers Report 2010
(PDF Logo 135 kbs) Designated County Manager Report 2007
(PDF Logo 317 kbs) Designated County Manager Report 2006
(PDF Logo 258 kbs) Designated County Manager Report 2005

Projects & Initiatives

(PDF Logo 696 kbs) YES - Research Mapping & Analysis
(PDF Logo 286 kbs) YES - Third Level Student Survey
(PDF Logo 3,414 kbs) Rail Corridor Study

N24 Prioritisation Study
Regional Bio-Energy Implementation Plan for the S-E Region
Atlantic Gateways
South-East Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022
(PDF Logo 601 kbs) Freight Movements & Logistics in the SE Region Ireland

(PDF Logo 839 kbs) Business Development Model

(PDF Logo 1,571 kbs) Regional Passenger Transport Strategy

Publications by Other Relevant Bodies

(PDF Logo 958 kbs) Forfás Regional Competitiveness Agenda

(PDF Logo 676 kbs) Forfás Regional Competitiveness Agenda - South-East (2009)